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Getting There: An Exhibition on Alternate Realities

In light of this week being so hard on so many, we would like to announce that 10% of the proceeds from this show will go to human rights groups.

Getting There: An Exhibition on Alternate Realities

The Institute for Recurrent Progress: Occupation of Apartment 2
Facilitated by local operatives Kyle Hossli and BR Nicholson


Apartment 4
Chis Hefner & Heather Gabel

About Heather Gabel:

Heather Gabel (b. 1977) is a visual artist and singer in the band HIDE. Gabel studied photography at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and holds a BFA from Columbia College Chicago. She has been exhibiting both internationally and across the United States for nearly 12 years in galleries and alternative venues, including several public art installations. Recent projects include a series of neon-based works addressing present/future death rituals in modern American society. Current projects include programming for The Palace Film Festival and preparations for her first performance piece to take place this December.

The title Immutable Mantle speaks to a change that is futile, a cloak that reveals as much as it covers, a role, a place. Expressions, choices, desires; both participatory and put upon us, dictate the ways in which we are able and expected to navigate the world around us. The discord created by the masks we wear and our truest selves has the power to empower, to effect a shedding of some previously undiscovered falsehood. Illuminating, for better or worse, another cut in the stone, more corroborating evidence that you've been there all along, trying to get out, trying to get in.

About Chris Hefner:

Chris Hefner is a filmmaker, multimedia artist and musician living and working in Chicago.  In addition to his two feature films "The Pink Hotel" (2010) and "The Poisoner" (2014) and a bevy of shorts & music videos, Hefner also continuously produces artwork on paper and plays the musical saw with Daniel Knox.  
His charcoal drawings, a sculptural installation and a number of music & film events were presented in December 2015 at a solo exhibition of his work itled "VEILING" at The Comfort Station in Chicag.  In May of this year Hefner curated and exhibited in a group show of multimedia work entitled "Five Ways to Skin A Cat" at GAG Space Chicago.Learn more at

Certainly it can be said that one of the things that makes humans unique in the observed world is our ability to find or create order within the chaotic set of circumstances in which we find ourselves.  We do this first be creating an identity for ourselves, through which we may interface with others.  We extend this identity into our relationships, homes, occupations and all aspects of our daily experience as a way of inhabiting and activating the version of order to which we prescribe.  These machinations of identity allow us to move through the world more easily, to recognize one another in what would otherwise be a vast and opaque wilderness and to avail ourselves of the millions of invisible leaps of faith that serve as a path through the world.  We needn’t build our homes anew every morning, nor must we decide upon a new name, face, history, trajectory, set of preferences, sexuality, language or any of the other myriad signifiers that form what we know to be our Identity.  There is comfort in this.  We may feel at Home here.  Our home, however, knows nothing of our feelings for it.  


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